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    The outbreak of infectious diseases is threatening global health. Especially, in the South-East Asia region have been at serious risk. At mass gathering places, such as, airport quarantine facilities, public health centers, and hospital out patients units, rapid and highly reliable screening methods of infection are urgently needed during the epidemic season for preventing the spread of infection.

    To meet this need, the University of Electronics and Communications (UEC) of Japan and partner institutions of UEC, National Hospital of Tropical Diseases, Hanoi (NHTD), and Tokyo Metropolitan University (TMU), have been developing multiple vital-signs based infection screening systems. This screening system monitors not only body temperature but also heart and respiration rates. However, accuracy of the data processing is not sufficient for the screening of the diseases for short time. This project is carried out in cooperation between the VNU University of Engineering and Technology (VNU-UET), Vietnam National University, Hanoi (VNU) and UEC.

    The goal of this project is to develop signal and data processing method of the data from the multiple vital-sign-based infections screening system to improve the screening rate. To develop hazard map generating system, which predicts the area of infection diseases is the next target. The data will be provided by UEC to VNU-UET. The data processing methods include not only analog and digital signal processing methods but also the data processing by AI (Artificial Intelligence). Moreover, VNU-UET and UEC will collect the vital-sign data with the infection screening system and the ground-truth devices for Healthy subjects at VNU-UET, Vietnam.

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