• Viện Tiến tiến về Kỹ thuật và Công Nghệ (AVITECH)

  • AVITECH Seminar series: 09/01/2019, GS. Huỳnh Hữu Tuệ, Industrial IoT

    You are cordially invited to join a visiting seminar organized by AVITECH.


    What is exactly Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)? How does it affect Vietnam?


    Prof. Huỳnh Hữu Tuệ, Canada

    Time: 10:00, Wednesday, January 9, 2019
    Venue: E3-212, 144 Xuan Thuy, Cau Giay


    Based on the robust and rapid development of data transmission networks and high performance information processing algorithms for large data sets, the modern production industry has made great progresses over the last few decades. These developments are driven by modern industrial backgrounds into a condition known as the 4.0 industrial revolution, or for a shorter name “Industry 4.0” Industrial 4.0 is essentially a construction and organizational management of a modern manufacturing plant using the knowledge in the areas of “Artificial intelligence”, “Internet” and of “Big data”.

    Industrial 4.0 design factories and build production lines, based on the “Interconnectivity”, “Automation”, “Machine learning” and “Real time data” (Data exchange and processing in real time). These characteristics correspond to the image of intelligent equipment and devices interacted between them or with people and fully connected to the Internet; due to this image, Industry 4.0 is also known as the “Industrial Internet of Things” (IIoT) or “Smart manufacturing”.

    In general, Industry 4.0 combines the personnel team, physical production with operations using smart digital technology, learning machine, and big data in order to create a well-manageable ecosystem such that Manufacture and management of supply chain would be of high performance.

    In this talk, we will present concepts, structures, and some illustrating examples to help the audience to better understand what is happening in Industry 4.0; we discuss issues that Industry 4.0 would cause for the world, including companies, workers and governments. Finally, we also examine the way Industry 4.0 will affect Vietnam’s higher education and Vietnam’s economy.


    Huu Tue Huynh was on the Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering of Laval University (Canada) during the period 1969-2005. He became President of the International Bac-Ha University (Viet Nam) in 2007 and is now an adjunct professor of the School of Electrical Engineering at the VNU-HCM International University. In 1984, he was an invited guest at AT&T Information Systems in Neptune, New Jersey, and has been invited to give lectures at several universities in Europe, America, and Asia. Professor Huynh is the author and co-author of two books and more than 200 papers and research reports on information processing. He has served as a consultant to a number of Canadian government agencies and industries. His research interests cover stochastic simulation techniques, information processing, fast algorithms, with applications to finance and communications.