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    Extended picture archiving and communication systems


    In the age of digitalization, PACS has been used widely in hospitals and medical centers. In this research, we establish a extended picture archiving and communication systems to assist radiologist and oncologist in accessing the medical image. The extended PACS is builded based on an open source PACS which is compatible to standard communication protocols of medical images. The extended features allow clinicians to access and view medical images via mobile devices such as laptop and tablet based on web and android operation system, enabling the clinicians to diagnose patient diseases remotely. In addition, the extended PACS is designed as an open system which enables to extend in a large scales and integrate with medical image processing modules. The aim is to connect multi hospital and satellite medical centers, allowing to share and reuse the medical image resources.

    Extended PACS enables radiologist to access medical images via the mobile devices such as laptop, mobile phone and tablet

    A CT image of the lung, rendered in a tablet, is connected to the Extended PACS via a wifi

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    PI: Dr. Luu Manh Ha, AVITECH


    EEG signal processing from the computer vision perspective

    In this work, we study the processing of EEG signals in the image domain, i.e., visualizing the signal in the binary image and applying computer vision techniques for signal smoothing and classification. Some research questions are being investigated: 1. How well can we smooth the signal in the image domain? Here, we plot the interested […]

    Vision-based crack detection with crack propagation modeling

    In this work, the propagation of cracks on some materials, such as concrete, is analyzed, the best-fit model of which is employed for vision-based crack detection. Some research questions are being investigated: 1. What is the correlation between simulated crack propagation and real-world crack? Here, we measure the fitting errors between best-fit regression models of […]

    Machine learning based beacon placement optimization for indoor robots localization

    Indoor localization systems usually consist of transceiver with fixed positions, which are called beacons. These beacons act as landmarks for localizing objects that need to be positioned. One can easily see that the positions of beacons have a great impact on the performance of the localization system. The problem of beacon placement optimization is to […]