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    Feedbacks from the first cohort of the joint Master program

    Nguyen Tien Dat, a student from the Aerospace Institute of Viettel Group, is currently participating in a government research project called UMICROWD in France. Project participants are studying and working at several institutions such as the Paris-Saclay University (ENS Paris-Saclay), CentraleSupelec, and Avignon Université. Speaking about the joint master’s program between two major universities, Nguyen Tien Dat shared, “This joint master’s program is a research-oriented program with the aim of exploring and directing research for students. Engaging in various courses across multiple fields and participating in extracurricular programs such as scientific conferences have provided me with scientific research methods, which I consider a skill not only essential for my current work but also for lifelong learning. Additionally, I have been able to solve some work-related issues by directly exchanging ideas with leading professors.” Not only appreciating the program’s benefits, he also expressed his interest in Intellectual Property Law course, which helped him recognize the importance of intellectual property assets in his work.

    The student, Nguyen Tien Dat, does research internship at Paris-Saclay University

    Another student, Tran Trong Duy, is currently studying at Paris-Saclay University in France and is highly impressed with the program, which offers a wealth of knowledge and information. Throughout his studies and research, Duy has received guidance from leading professors in the field of communication and signal processing in both France and Vietnam. This has helped him to develop and become familiar with professional research methods. “I have been placed in an open research environment, where I meet and exchange ideas with leading researchers and other international students. During the project, with guidance from Associate Professor Maxime Fereirra da Costa from CentraleSupelec, Paris-Saclay University, and Associate Professor Nguyen Linh Trung from the University of Engineering and Technology, I have strengthened my foundational knowledge and developed the ability to approach and solve research questions. Additionally, through listening and exchanging ideas with scientists from various fields, I have expanded my horizons and gained inspiration for creative ideas”, shared Tran Trong Duy.
    Trong Duy’s research results, achieved after a diligent process of studying master knowledge, have been highly evaluated by the Committees of both universities.

    Student Tran Trong Duy (outermost, on the right side of the image) with international peers at Paris-Saclay University

    If other students in the program are currently interning in France, student Vu Duy thanh is currently doing internship at Lausanne University Hospital (CHUV), one of the five university hospitals in Switzerland. After one year of studying and researching in both Vietnam and Switzerland, Duy Thanh has observed that the greatest advantage of the program is that both domestic and international lecturers come from leading and well-known universities. They are experts in their fields, with extensive professional experience and a dedicated approach to teaching. Additionally, students have the opportunity to intern and continue their research in France and at institutions affiliated with Paris-Saclay University.

    Student Vu Duy Thanh (outermost, on the left side of the image) participates in activities in Switzerland with international friends

    During his internship in Switzerland, Duy Thanh had the opportunity to work directly with Professor Oliver Chen and colleagues in the immunology laboratory. Thanh gained valuable diverse expertise from each member of the research team. “The free and comfortable working environment, combined with flexible time, allowed me to focus and have more time for research.”, Thanh said.

    Student Vu Duy Thanh (second from the left in the image) experienced life in Switzerland with international friends


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