• Advanced Institute of Engineering and Technology (AVITECH)

  • The Advanced Institute of Engineering and Technology (AVITECH) was established on Oct 18, 2017, by the Rector of the VNU University of Engineering and Technology (VNU-UET), of Vietnam National University, Hanoi (VNU), as a research unit directly under VNU-UET and with legal status.

    AVITECH aims to build and develop an open environment at VNU-UET for better gathering researchers across different technical areas and attracting substantial resources, in order to synergistically conduct interdisciplinary and advanced research that contributes to scientific advancement, technological innovation and human resource development of VNU-UET, with high quality and impact.

    AVITECH is assigned the following functions at VNU-UET:

    1. Conduct scientific research and technological development in forms of scientific and/or technological missions, in the fields of Information Technology, Electronics, Communications, Automation, Biomedicine, … which are pursued by the VNU-UET;
    2. Participate in undergraduate and postgraduate training at VNU-UET, especially those programs which are interdisciplinary, international, high-quality/specialized;
    3. Provide services in science and technology, provide consultancy in knowledge and technology transfer, organize conferences and workshops, develop technological products, collaborate with international organizations for scientific research and technological development.