Visible light communications (VLC) is considered as the advanced technology for providing indoor communications services in the future. Because VLC access points (VLC-AP) have small coverage, a VLC network needs to deploy multi VLC-APs for providing communications services in large indoor areas.  In this project, we have investigated interference mitigation methods of adjacent lightbeams and handover solutions for maintaining connections when users move between VLC-APs. We have designed a method for calculating the necessary number of VLC-APs and their locations for minimizing the interference between adjacent VLC-APs. We have proposed a light-beam allocation algorithm for mitigating interference and a cooperative transmission based handover solution for maintaining the connectivity of mobile data transmission

Selected publication

Cong-Nam Tran, Nam-Hoang Nguyen, Trong-Minh Hoang. Lightbeam Configuration Method and Interference Elimination Resource Scheduling for Indoor Multibeam VLC Networks. Journal of Optical Communications, 2019

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