The major trend of smart systems is to work with big data, from a variety of sources, and the knowledge sources of these systems are often expressed in terms of probability. The integration of knowledge bases of intelligent systems in which knowledge is expressed in the form of logical formulas or knowledge frames has been studied and has been widely applied. However, we cannot apply these knowledge integration frameworks for knowledge represented in this form to probabilistic knowledge bases. Therefore, the construction of frameworks for integrating knowledge represented by probability is essential, and it is necessary to invest in research. The theoretical results are applied immediately in building a Vietnamese semantic knowledge base through the integration of knowledge from rich sources on the Internet.

This research topic is important in many respects:

  • For practical requirements: The research results of the topic are widely applied in decision support systems, automated e-commerce systems, semantic-oriented web systems, as well as in specialist systems to improve the accuracy of disease diagnosis systems, weather forecasting systems, economic forecasting systems, or climate change prevention and disaster prevention systems,. ..These systems serve many aspects of social life as well as national security and defense.
  • For related Science &Technology fields: The research results of the project provide theoretical models, evaluation results on the rationality and calculation complexity for the research and development community.
  • For training activities: The proposed knowledge integration models will be used in undergraduate and postgraduate training, which will support the training of masters and doctorates.
  • For the development of Science &Technology of VNU: This topic plays an important supporting role for a number of projects that VNU’s research groups are implementing such as the Project of Vietnamese Digital Knowledge, University 4.0 project, … This project is implemented by collaboration between Advanced Institute of Engineering and Technology (AVITECH) and Data Science and Knowledge Management Laboratory (KTLab) of the Faculty of IT, University of Engineering Technology, Hanoi National University and some collaborators working at prestigious universities abroad. Therefore, this project contributes to strengthening research capacity and expanding international cooperation in scientific research and training.

Selected publications:

  1. Van Tham Nguyen, Ngoc Thanh Nguyen, Trong Hieu Tran: A distance-based approach for merging probabilistic knowledge bases. Journal of Intelligent and Fuzzy Systems 37(6): 7265-7278 (2019)
  2. Van Tham Nguyen, Ngoc Thanh Nguyen, Trong Hieu Tran: Algorithms for Merging Probabilistic Knowledge Bases. ACIIDS (1) 2019: 3-15
  3. Thi Thanh Luu Le, Trong Hieu Tran: Belief Merging for Possibilistic Belief Bases. ICCSAMA 2019: 370-380

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